The Office: An American Workplace

I couldn't help but dedicate my entire evening to The Office special and the series finale. Since its inception in 2005 The Office has spanned 9 seasons, produced 201 episodes and created countless memories for not only the cast and crew on the show, but for the dedicated audience as well.

The Office is more than just a TV show or Thursday night entertainment. The Office is a place of full-hearted laughter and an environment that spurs hope and joy amongst its fans.

The Office is the show I always go back to. If I'm ever having a hard time or feeling lonely or down, I pop in one of those familiar episodes, take a deep breath and relax. It follows me through my thick and thin and always has a way of making me feel at home, even if I am far from it.

This finale episode was perfectly constructed and cliche in the most perfect way. But for The Office, cliche is good. It hit on those original Office moments that made the TV watching community fall in love with it.

There were stupid references to Kevin. Fat references to Phyllis. Crazy references to both Creed and our beloved Andy. There was passionate and douchy love between Kelly and Ryan. There were alcoholic references to Meredith. There were references to Dwight's ridiculousness. There was lots of love between Jim and Pam. And there was a "that's what she said joke" by our very own Michael Scott who returned for one last hurrah.

The Office wan't about singing and dancing teenagers, oddly intelligent doctors, extra terrestrial signs, magic. It was about real people. And it was about them finding success and losing it; falling in love and out of love; and simply living the everyday life of a paper company. What could be better than that?

Even though Steve Carell left The Office quite a long time ago, I still feel as if he was always part of the magic. He was never really gone.

Though I am tearing up thinking about how the story ends here, The Office will be there for anyone needing to come home. And for that reason we won't forget it and it won't really end.

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