Up, Up and Away

The warm summer air opens up the hearts of friends. They share their deepest secrets and divulge their deepest feelings. They talk about all of the things they are going to do in the future. Not things they want to do, but things they are going to do. Nothing seems impossible. New York feels like the close neighbor that brings you pie when you first move in. London feels like that shy boy across the street; a loner at first though he opens up to you quickly. The success the world is going to see from us is unparalleled on these warm summer nights. Everything is possible.

Though New York is forever away and London is a little bit more, the here and now feels so happy and content. And though everyone goes their own which way in the end, the world will shine with the gems we deliver it; in New York, in London, in LA, in Paris, in Milan, in Sydney, in Austin and right here in Denton.

I love these warm nights. They let me be content for right now, but  still give me hope for the things the future has in store. 

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