30 Day Snap #27

Today is a little bit of a cheat because these photos are from a few weeks ago at the beginning of the summer. But I was clicking through my library full of photos when I came across a few hidden gems. I thought I must share! 

It was a lovely Sunday and my best friend and I decided we were going to put our lazy butts to good use and go on a nature walk. We called it a hike because we like the sound of us being fit. There were beautiful paths carved out through the middle of the forest. They wound and swerved. Bit of the path even touched the lake where we were able to feel a cool breeze. 

We ended up trudging along for nearly two hours(such hard labor right?) when we decided to head out and soak our sore feet.

These are a few of the wonderful shots I got. It was so beautiful that it would take a thousand pictures to capture. But this will do for now!

This is a tributary leading up to the lake with all of the little sticks and broken trees popping out. 

I absolutely loved this bridge. This whole scene is reminiscent of a 1984 setting with the modern industrial world colliding with nature. 

Look at this giant leaf! It looked even bigger in person! Nature is a surprising thing. 

This is a sign we came across while walking along the main trail. It all seems normal, and then the castle on top. I looked for a prince on horseback and talking creatures, but no luck. 

This is my chummy aka my bff. We found this little camp area with a fire pit and some rocks and logs as little seats. It was right on the lake. What a view! 

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  1. did you notice the baseball bat in the pic with me in it? I personally think it makes the pic look more artsy. haha (but really I do.)