30 Day Snap #3

To see my first photos in June and for an explanation of 30 Day Snap, click right.... Here! 

Today was exhausting and long in every sense of the word, but it was beautiful and joyful all the same.
Today's photo was taken driving back to my real home, from my temporary one at school. 

I have always been so eager to get out of where I was that I never really appreciated the spectacular world I had right in front of me. But when you are driving along an empty highway with music blaring and the scent of the open land flooding your windows, it's hard to think this place is anything less than perfect. 

Even though Texas is flat and ugly, there is a certain beauty to the openness of it all. It makes me feel as if anything is possible. 
There are the smallest of beauties all around us and maybe this is one of those. 

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