Big life

When I was a youngin all I wanted to do was grow up. I wanted to get married, travel, write a novel, carry briefcases, boss people around and have people clawing at me for a quote. I wanted to do big things. I wanted to live a big life. I still want most of those things. 

But now I'm 20. My day to day consists of going to work, going to class, eating dinner, doing homework then sleeping. And the next morning it repeats. One giant circle.

The excitement I thought came with being an adult hasn't presented itself yet. 

But there is no point in expecting the unexpected. Things will happen when they are mean to and perhaps I must learn to be patient. Something this little girl has never been good at.

It doesn't do good to worry about bridges that haven't come to pass. Those are meant for another day. Worries of the future are useless, because who knows how many days each of us actually have left. The best way to do big things and to live a big life is to live for today. 

And that is the best we can all do. 

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