Can we really have it all?

My professor posed a question the other day in class. In terms of careers and families, can we really have it all?

Can we have the perfect family, the perfect spouse, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect title, the perfect life? Can we have every single last thing we have ever wanted?

His question was in terms of men and women. Can women be just as successful as men?

From the beginning of history men have always been the primary breadwinners of the family. They were the ones to go to work every day and provide for his wife, children and house. As time has passed the role of women has become less domestic centered and more business centered. Pay equality has advanced as well. The number of women in the professional work place has increased. Marriage has become less about defining the gender roles and more about give and take; as it should be.

I grew up in a more traditional home, therefore I do believe it is ultimately the man’s responsibility to take care of the rest of the family. But that isn’t to say women can’t provide just the same or be successful just the same. They can even do more so in some situations.

But in the end, is it possible for women to have the same careers as men? To have an equal opportunity for titles and an equal opportunity for pay.

May students debated during class about whether or not the world has fully accepted women as professionals. But I beg to differ on the whole question.

I don’t think any success comes without sacrifice and I don’t think anyone could ever have everything they’ve ever wanted.

But the point to being “successful” is to be happy and to work your tail off to get to a place you want to be at. Being successful is also not about the final product, but the journey you took to get there; about the ups and downs and goods and bads of the journey and what you learned about yourself.

But no matter what, sacrifice is always a part of achieving your goals. Achieving your goals isn’t easy, and it is never just handed to you. It requires hard work and endless determination. Along the way we all have to sacrifice things. But it is worth it, because then we enjoy those great moments where we get to soak in everything even better. 

Success also isn’t about having everything you ever wanted. Life doesn’t end the second you become CEO of a company. You have to set new goals and dreams. And when you die, you can’t look back on life thinking, “did I have everything I ever wanted?” Because chances are the answer will be no. Remember how we all have to make sacrifices? We make sacrifices on the things we want to achieve something even bigger. On your deathbed, men or women, we all have to look back and remember all of the moments we felt the most happy and the most alive. Because regardless of whether men’s and women’s pay are the same or they each have the exact equal opportunities, we will remember the moments in which we were rewarded for something we worked so hard for.

So no, we can’t have it all. We can't have everything we ever wanted in this material world. But in the end, I think that’s okay. It teaches us humility and it teaches us to look at the important things in life and concentrate 

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