Instagram you silly goose

The new video update on Instagram is all the rage today apparently. Perhaps tomorrow Instagram will have an instant messaging update. 

I'm just quite curious as to what the creators of Instagram are thinking at the moment. Hey there Instagram creators in case you didn't know, it's already been done. It's called VINE. And it isn't like anyone really thinks you are so creative or original. We now know for a fact that you all are just a few spineless people stealing ideas from others. Granted, you are quite clever, but still unoriginal. 

Why mess with status quo? Instagram created a picture platform that was unique enough apart from Pinterest and Tumblr to draw a massive following that even surpassed the growth in Twitter. They had an entire demographic wrapped around their little pinky, and then they go and totally change the entire point of Instagram. 

The point of Instagram, in case any technology deprived soul out there reads this, is meant to be a picture sharing platform. It is easy to use and turns any old bloke with a camera phone into an instant photographer. It not only makes people feel legit, but it also gives them a spot to archive special moments and share them with their friends in an easy mobile setting. 

The point of Vine is to share quick 6 second videos with friends in an easy mobile setting. Video and photos are two different things. But I suppose the creators of Instagram were confused. And the creators of Vine? I bet they are feeling the burn right now. But I'm sure this now gives them the hate fire to step up their game and kick Instagram in the butt (because they deserve to be kicked in the butt, maybe the brain as well). 

Suppose in an ideal world that avid Instagram users actually like the change. It is easy for them not to have to flip in between Instagram and Vine. They can have it all in one app. But the real problem comes with the response time. Instagram is already trending toward the slower side because of all of the data having to be loaded. Video makes that response time 10 times slower. Just opening up the app is going to be a draining process let alone actually being able to watch the videos. If you have a Vine you probably already experience glitches and response time issues, it will only be worse with Instagram. 

I've messed around with the update a little bit already and I am not a fan. I suppose I should give it a good try, but golly I'm tired of having to learn new social media networks! 


  1. Oh my gosh yes!

    I totally thought I was the only person who thought this!

    1. Haha, me too! I'm getting more used to it now, but I think I will always be a Vine fan hehe :)