Maymester thoughts and feelings

It isn’t often that I do well in school. In fact, I do awful most of the time. I sink hours and hours into my books to ace my tests and quizzes, yet I always come up short and I’m left with that terrible sinking feeling inside that comes when you are on the Tower of Terror at Disney World and they drop you without any warning. I do not enjoy that feeling.

So enrolling in a Maymester class was a daring chance for me. You have about a sixth of the time to prepare for exams than you would in a full semester class. What part of me actually thought I was going to pass? Well, apparently the part of me that believes in myself, because my final grade was a 93. This never happens. Ever.

So perhaps my views on Maymesters are skewed slightly considering I did better than usual. But even so, hammering out a full semester class in three weeks isn’t too bad. If the class was perhaps calculus or quantum physics… eh it might pose a problem; but anything less demanding and terribly boring would bode well for your GPA.

The four-hour classes every day? Well, that’s a different story. I suggest lots of coffee, snacks, Pinterest and if you are lucky, a kid who looks like a mix between Gimli the dwarf from Lord of the Rings and Niall Horan from One Direction sitting next to you. He also had a “Mom” tattoo on his arm. Quite entertaining.

So, if you have nothing better to do for three weeks than lay in bed, ponder the meaning of life and watch Jenna Marbles videos, I would suggest a Maymester. Quick and easy way to get credit.

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