Misconceptions about college life

Misconceptions about college from the point of view of a girl who had a lot of misconceptions about college. 

I am now entering my junior year of college (oh how the time flies). I have by this point figured out most of the ins and outs of the university experience. As an upper classman I am starting to hear all this chatter from incoming freshman or high school seniors that makes me turn my head a bit. 

Misconceptions about college:

1) People party all the time- If you want to get Cs and Ds in all your classes, sure you can knock down a few shots every night. No big deal. 

2) Professors don't care- This depends on your university, but coming from a big school where professors normally don't care about you, I've had quite a few professors take a personal interest in me. It all depends on how you present yourself to them. 

3) You can skip class because professors don't take attendance- Good luck passing. A lot of professors do take attendance and it's a part of your grade. Many professors also award extra credit for attendance.  I don't care who you are, everyone can use extra credit. 

4) College is a waste of your money- Good luck getting a real job in this world without a college degree. 

5) Philosophy sounds like a great major!!!- let's think again young ones. 

6) You are in college so you automatically have all the answers now- wrong. College makes you question everything. 

7) Now that you are in college you don't need your parents anymore and you are never going home again- *three days into class, calls mom crying*

8) I'm a poor college student all I'm going to eat is ramen- that stuff gets boring. You will end up having Jimmy Johns deliver you a sandwich at three in the morning. 

Jetting off to university is definitely not what I expected it to be whatsoever. But after having time to adjust to my new way of life I have grown to love it and realize what a wonderful blessing it is! 

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