My Mammas

I have the wonderful pleasure of knowing some pretty fantastic women. Most girls are lucky to have one mom, well I have four. 

I have my wonderful mother who gave birth to me and dealt with my stubborn independence as a child and my snottiness as I grew older. And with each and every day I learn something new about her that helps me live my life to the fullest. She has provided me with the knowledge and love to step out into the world and take it by force even if I'm scared. 

But I also have my other Mammas. By a chance of beautiful fate I met them and they became vitally important to the life I now lead. They comfort me when I feel like no one else can. They laugh with me when I feel like giggling. They support me through every endeavor big or small. They believe in me, even when I don't believe in myself. They stand up and defend me when I don't have the opportunity to. And no matter what, I know they always keep me in their thoughts and prayers, and they will always love me. 

They are the best people to relax with and goof off with, but when I need encouragement or need to cry they are always there to give me a hug and hand me a glass of wine. 

And they will never cease to help make me the best version of myself. I count my blessings and think myself lucky to know these women, who for some reason, decided to care about me so much. And no matter where life's road takes us, I will never forget the love they extended to me or the lasting impression they made on me. 

Thank you to all of my lovely Mammas. 

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