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One of my goals for this summer was to learn how to code. I realize this is an extremely broad statement. All you computer illiterate people out there are ooing and ahhing at my supposed intelligence allowing me to teach myself how to code. And all of you computer nerds out there are laughing your little butts off knowing that there is more code out there to keep a person learning till they die. 

I wanted to become proficient in the basics like HTML and CSS so I could do basic editing and maybe even move on to some more complicated stuff so I can build my own website. I'm not going to lie, I feel pretty cool learning all this stuff. I feel like a secret CIA operative hacking into the computers of foreign government employees. Sadly I'm not. I'm just putting some random letters and symbols together in hopes that it makes enough sense to do some actual good. 

But I have to say I have been so surprised at how easy it really is to learn the basics. I have been using Code Academy to learn the basics. It lays out everything so simply that when the tougher stuff comes along I can still understand it. The program goes through little lessons and teaches you step by step. It has a brief description of vocabulary and what exactly you will be doing and why, and then it lets you jump right on in to do it yourself! It's so easy, but you learn so much. And the best part is, it's free! 

So if any of you have any interest in learning the basics of coding I would highly suggest checking out Code Academy. 

That is my end of the nerd rant. Check out my snap of the day. I talk about Code Academy there too. 

Nerd life. 

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