Not all rain clouds

You were forewarned. I told you I was going to be posting a lot of things about my Race, Gender in the Media course. I am just following through with my promise. 

My professor does his best to have a class in which we can learn, but one in which we can also talk to one another and share our view points and opinions. I appreciate this because so many professors are under the impression students learn by listening to monotone lectures on the importance of micro organisms (or something related to dry and boring subjects). Being able to discuss what we are learning with the class and speak with other classmates about real life applications of the material is extremely helpful. 

But what is also helpful, is keeping my insanity and frankly my integrity. There are so many opinionated and radical people in my class. I have half a mind to lecture them and tell them they are all idiots and are wasting their time in school. But for the sake of preserving their sanity, I refrained. 

But I did make another observation. Through all of the discussions we had about the strides our nation has taken in women's right and race discrimination, students still find the need to complain and whine about their lot in life. The world may not be perfect and neither is this country we live in, but at least it's better that most of the world. The freedom we have here is astounding. ('Merica)

But the second something goes wrong, we are the first to blame every else and be so negative even though things may not be so bad. 

People talk of wanting to have a better future, so instead of complaining about it and whining about it, why don't they get out there and make it a better future for yourself?

But in order to do that, I think people need to also be thankful for what they do have. I admit, it is easy to get caught up in the things that are wrong with this world. But I am challenging myself and all of you as well to get caught up in the things that are right with this world. To keep us positive and to keep us thinking about the good that can happen right around us and the good things that will happen in the future. 

It isn't all rain clouds and evil stares.

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