Race and Gender in the Media

To jump straight into the point, I signed up for summer classes this year. I completed my marketing Maymester with an A and began my Race, Gender in the Media class this week. 

I was hesitant to take the class at first for fear it would be a ton of feminists complaining about how terrible and unfair their lives are (we will get to that in a minute). But my friend said she was taking it and I needed a journalism credit, so I thought why not? How bad could it really be... 

The classroom is cool, the professor is awesome, the syllabus looks manageable, I'm allowed to eat in class, but amidst the sensible people who took the class, there are the crazies who think the United States is totally backwards and twitsted in the way people of color or women are treated. 

Granted, the past history of the U.S. didn't score very high in these specific areas, but the U.S. is sure of a hell much more advanced and free than most countries in the world. But of course, something always has to be wrong, right?

I have done my best to bite my tongue when ignorant people boast and rant about their personal views on women and maternity leave (because that topic is so relevant to media). But I must admit the challenge is difficult. This class is stirring up some topics that I never even considered to be issues up until this point. And even now, I still don't consider them issues. People have ants in their pants to start the next revolution about a cause that has no relevance, and apparently the best place to jump start a revolution is in the middle of a stuffy summer college class.

Here is where I am on the third day of class: already ranting on a blog. Here's to hoping I learn to be patient. 

I'm sure this isn't the last you will hear about this class. Even though my blood pressure rises the second I walk into that room and the continuous chatter from the girls in my class feels like ants crawling through my skull, the professor is definitely thought provoking and what comes from provoked thoughts? Nothing other than blog posts. 

Keep on the look out. 

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