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I remember the days of high school when I spent so much time worrying about everyone else's problems and not mine. And I don't mean that in a selfless manner at all. Oh I am so high and mighty I always put others first. It wasn't even charitable or forthcoming! I genuinely spent my time gossiping about other people and what was going on with them and who they were dating or the fight someone had with Becky in history class. And for some reason all those things mattered so much to me. 

I don't know if it was immaturity, or I just didn't have a whole lot of exciting things going on at the time, or possibly a combination of both. But these matters that concerned other people completely, were so crucial to my everyday social life. 

I thought I was so old and mature in those days... In some ways I was and in others I was stuck in the lockers of middle school. 

But now all I can talk about is work or school or my latest endeavors or my future. And I don't know when the shift from high school student with aspiring dreams living in a little bubble to into college student going on professional accomplishing those dreams and seeing the world for what it really is really happened (that was a long sentence, apologies).

It's a bittersweet moment really. I know now that I've grown up some, and I'm capable of accomplishing those things I always dreamed about. The whole world is in my future and from this point of view nothing is impossible. But at the same time those high school days were so easy in retrospect. I wish that I appreciated them then. I wish I would have taken advantage of my young and growing mind and stopped worrying about the small bubble issues... like Becky in history class. 

But I guess all we can do now is continue on down this beautiful world of surprises and growth and maturity while still remembering to love every single day as it comes, because tomorrow will be totally different. 

One day I will go to sleep a college student going on professional accomplishing dreams, and wake up as a professional living in a dream. And I will wish I cherished those college years while I had them. 


  1. This is a really good post, it's so true! I think we stress ourselves out about too much nowadays too! Check out my blog if you'd like (but just to say, i'm very new to this!)

    1. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I will definitely check out your blog :) Always looking for new blogs to follow. Best wishes XO

  2. Every post I read by you is so relatable, you are a great writer!
    Love your blog

    1. You are so kind! honesty time: I read your blog all the time and I absolutely love it!

      Thanks for your kind words! Makes my day