Social media: where creepers reign and the opportunities are endless

The “social media” world has grown exponentially over the past few years (this isn’t new information I hope). Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. have become the new frontier in communication and information sharing. 

Even before social media existed, the advent of the Internet changed the world forever. Gathering of information was no
longer quick, but lightning fast. Even with the classic dial up and painful sounding connection tone, the Internet was pure brilliance. It took some time for the traditionals to jump on the bandwagon, as it always does. But even they understand this world is no longer focused on the search for information. The information is just there ready for the taking. Communication comes just as easy. No more letters or post cards. Even emails are having to defend themselves against the current of the instant messaging abilities.

The personal touch of a ring on the door bell or a hand written
letter are specialties of the past. Though they develop our interpersonal skills much better than do an instant message or a snap chat, they are lost among the plethora of technologies in the modern world.

Many people have the argument that social media sites are stifling the social skills of the current young generation. They are not going to grow up playing imaginary games in the back yard, biking down the street to knock on a friends door or making up games with plastic toys on a rainy day. Boys stop playing with trucks at age four and girls ditch their barbies at three and a half. From then on it's computer games and instant messages their friends that live down the street. 

Modern day parents are frustrated by the trend in "socialization." It is true, today's generation will not have the interpersonal skills that the generation before had to develop based on necessity.

Today's teenagers are more prone falling for creeps and scams on the Internet. Though more children are staying inside held up behind a computer screen, the world has suddenly become more dangerous. 

But with anything there are positives and negatives. The same is true with social media. It would be ignorant not to recognize the positives of the age of social media. 

Take any natural disaster or any national crises for example. Without social media word about these problems would comes hours or even days after the fact. People around the world knew within seconds when the bombing in Boston occurred. And people from all around knew within seconds what they could do to help. None of that would have happened without social media. 

Think of all of the jobs created by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram etc. Think of all of the people who have made careers out of YouTube or blogs. Think how quickly information can spread. 

Social media definitely has its negatives, but we wouldn't have the opportunities we do today without it. 

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