The perfect amount of fluff

I'm not one to say I have a type when it comes to men. I believe I will fall in love with the person I am meant to be with regardless of his physical appearance. But admittedly I do have the tendency to fall for scene boys; the ones with the swoopy hair, skinny jeans and beanies. But ultimately, I do have something for lads with the perfect amount of fluff. 

The Perfect Amount of Fluff theory is one I developed a few years back to describe Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter films. He isn't skinny, but he's not fat either. 

When your sweetie has the perfect amount of fluff it makes him bigger than yourself, but not too much bigger. It makes you feel like the dainty lady and he the manly man to take of you. 

It provides the perfect amount of person to put your arms around. It isn't too much that you can't reach around, but it also doesn't feel as if you are going to crush him like a egg shell when going in for a hug. The perfect amount of fluff provides for the ultimate cuddling experience. 

The technicalities behind the theory are still being developed (hiring a mathematician to figure the logistics). But rule of thumb is that he should have a few inches more than yourself around the midsection. This area is the most important. But the distribution of fluff should carry around the rest of the body as well for a perfect balance of fluff. 

So for all you lads out there trying to buff and toned for the ladies, don't fret. There are girls out there who like the fluff and wouldn't mind sharing a plate of nachos. 

I'm not mad I swear. I'm just a lady who knows what she wants (Ruper Grint), and a rather genius for coming up with a theory that will satisfy many a girl out there. 

You are welcome.

*Disclaimer: this is true for me, not for everyone. Everyone is perfect and lovely in their own special way whether you are tall, short, fat, skinny or fluffy. 

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