Words are hard

What do you call it when you just have a gut feeling about something? 
Fore sight?

Whatever word we assign to the feeling, it is such a strong one sometimes. And more often than not, that gut feeling is out of the ordinary, doesn't make sense, illogical or lofty. But it's so strong sometimes that no matter how illogical it may seem, we still have to believe and trust in that feeling. Because sometimes our gut knows our future better than we do. 

What if you have a gut feeling about a person? One that makes no sense. Not a single realistic strain events could make this gut feeling come true. But for some reason, you still believe in that gut feeling. A part of you still believes what your insides are telling is going to happen, is actually going to happen. 

It could be a look that indicates it. It could be a single unimportant muttering that indicates it. It could be the chance of fate that among 40,000 people, you are to see this person over and over again; and possibly that indicates it.

But each time fate puts you two in front of each other words escape you, and you move on through your daily activities knowing that you will never see that person again. 

But your gut feeling says you will. 

And unannounced to you, you do see him again. And once more, words escape and all hope is lost. But fate keeps intervening waiting for the day in which you have words and you use them. I mean we all know, words are quite hard. 

So what is fate saying now? Making you see this person over and over again without having words to say, but knowing that you and this person are meant to share a deeper meaning. 

It can't be chance. It can't be a trick of the stars. 

Everything happens for a reason, so where on earth is this reason? And when on earth am I going to find those words?

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