Blogging for people who think blogging is like Facebook

Whenever I tell someone I am a blogger one of two things happen:

 1) They nod slowly and utter a drawn out 'coooool' then proceed to go talk to someone more interesting who doesn't write for fun. They probably think I smoke a lot of weed and spend my free time contemplating the inevitable 'why are we here?' question. Or perhaps they get an automatic flash of me being an overly dramatic chick who cries all the time.


 2) They ask me what it is I write about because they feel it is the polite thing to do even if they don't care. Perhaps they are actually interested. And in very rare but beautiful occasions perhaps they are a fellow blogger who needs some inspiration.

More often than not it is the former. But when I get the lovely opportunity of talking with a fellow blogger or fellow wanna be blogger I get all giddy inside to share the few experiences I have. But to the point... 

I think a lot of people have preconceived notions as to what a blog should be. Contrary to popular belief, blogs aren't about how many followers you have or about how many strangers you can get to like your pictures and say you are awesome or 'girl, you look so prettyyyyyyy hugs and kissesssss.' No. 

Of course there are differences between professional blogs and personal blogs, but for the sake of time or your patience reading this post let's talk about personal blogs. Because they aren't there for anyone else but you. Your person, hence the title 'personal blog.' If you want to write about cats, go ahead please do! If you choose to write about you deepest darkest secrets, no one's stopping you. I just wrote about my mug collection for goodness sake. But that's what a blog if for. Your own little corner of the Internet that you can type on about whatever it is your little heart desires. (But of course remember the NSA reads every post, so nothing too incredibly juicy).

If other people stumble across it and fall in love, great. If they don't, that's okay too. Because remember, you are writing it for yourself, and that is what matters. That's what makes a good blog a good blog in my opinion; you are doing it for no one, but you and yourself. 

So go on little bloggers! Go share your thoughts and feelings with your little corner of the Internet.


  1. Hear hear! (Personal) blogging has to be personal and heartfelt, for the writer! Someone else "may" read it and feel the same. But if not, the writer must feel good about the content, that's all that really matters!

    1. Exactly! It's nice to have some love from others, but I think the writer feels more accomplished when they have written something THEY want and not necessarily what everyone else wants :)