DIY Planters

I have always always been a plant fiend, but I am terribly awful at keeping them alive no matter how hard I try! Regardless, I am a big girl now and thought it is about time I learn how to keep some alive so I can enjoy them. 

A few months ago I bought the cutest little set of cacti that I blogged about here. They are the most difficult plant to kill, but somehow I managed to kill one.... But the other two are alive and well! 

I have been wanting to expand my little plant collection and get new pots for the cacti so I made a little trip to Walmart to attempt some do it yourself planters. I got the idea from Pinterest (where else). 

Check out what I did, and give it a go yourself! Little leafies will brighten up anyone's day! 

*Disclaimer: I am by NO means an expert at plants or home and garden things. I just wanted a little Sunday project and made my own rules of sorts. 

For some cute little planters you will need: 

  • Soil- $2 at Walmart
  • Vases- $2 each at Walmart
  • Mini Mason Jar- $.97 at Walmart
  • Glass beads- $.97 per packet at Walmart
  • Seeds (or plant of your choice)- $2 at Walmart 
  • Patience
  • Willingness to get a bit dirty
  • A bright wide smile

First I am going to transplant my two remaining cacti into larger bowls so they can grow! 

1) Put a small handful of beads in the bottom to act as a base where water can sit if it isn't being used. 

2) Second fill the vase with your dirt. 

3) Add a little bit of water to moisten everything. 

4) Rough up the roots of your plant and tuck it on in! 

Then somewhere in my little brain I thought it would be a good idea to try to grow some tomatoes. I'm going to hit it with my best shot, but am by no means expecting to have tomatoes anytime soon. 

1) Put a few glass beads in the bottom of the mason jar. 

2) Fill the jar with dirt and add a little bit of water. 

3) Tuck a few seeds just underneath the soil. I put eight. I don't know if this is a good number or not. I'm either going to end up with no tomatoes or an explosion of little red goodies. Either way, it is up to you! 

4) I took the old planter set my cacti were in and put some seeds in there too. 

Voila! My little summertime plant collection. I'm so excited to see them all grow and mature (tear tear. sniff sniff). Here's to hoping I can keep them alive for more than a week though... 

Perhaps I will attempt to grow some flowers next? The possibilities are endless!  


  1. These are so cute we built some big planters last year for vegetables but some of these will look good dotted round my patio
    New follower

    Carrieanne x

    1. Yes these are perfect for a little spot of green around the house. I love little things like this. Thanks for the follow! Checking out your blog momentarily :)

  2. These are so cute! i love those little glass bowls.

    1. Thank you thank you! They are quite cute :)