"It has always been the becoming he dreamed of..."

"It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The world today is driven by "success." The world today defines success as having an important title, the ability to brag about it, and a large some of money to boot. The world today thinks that if you don't meet this definition of success, you are worthless. You are a fish in an ocean full of man-eating monsters. Well you know what, you may be a small fish, but even the most minuscule of amoebas are integral to maintaining homeostasis in this world!

But because today's world is so driven by competition and pride, every single one of us wants to meet that "success" quota at some point. So we work and labor and stress and worry and never take any time off or see anything besides a computer screen and a poorly painted office wall. And how absolutely lame is that? 

Even though this quote is in the context of a much more complicated story-line, Fitzgerald begs the point that people spend their lives dreaming of what they could have one day or working for having money 20 years down the line or the possibility of becoming a big shot one day. When in reality you are who you are right now, not what you could be in the future. We are here right now, why not take advantage of that? 


  1. I'm doing my best to make time in my life for "real" things. All this hustle and bustle is wearing my soul right out!

    1. That is exactly how I feel! Every day is a blessing and I want to experience each and every day. Waiting for happiness and success to come in the distant future just isn't doing it for me.


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