Lose the fear of being wrong

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong." 
-Joseph Chilton Pearce 

Whether it's our own fear or the fear that other people instill in us, we are all a little bit afraid of making the wrong choice. We all have doubts about the things we do or think. We are all a little paranoid that everyone around us is going to pass judgement on our life choices. 

The truth is, people do judge and we do make wrong choices. But we are afraid of all those things. We get a bit uneasy in the stomach thinking that someone out there doesn't like what you are doing. It is a bit nerve racking to put a part of yourself on display for everyone to see. More likely than not there is going to be someone who doesn't like what you have to give. More likely than not, there is going to be someone who loves what you have to give. That's just life, there is no changing it. 

I assure you will agree when I say, living in fear isn't really living. Being afraid to take a tiny step out of the normal social box isn't the way to spend your time. 

We have this one single life and this one single body and this one single personality and this one single mind. And to live in fear that someone out there may not like it, is silly. 

We should embrace this one chance we've been given to shine. But to embrace who each of us are deep inside, we mustn't let that gosh darn fear of judgment get in the way.  

There will be someone who thinks you are wrong. But in the end, do those people really matter as long as you are doing what you think is right? Let yourself shine without fear that some other nasties with too much time on their hands will come waltzing in. They aren't worth it. 

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