LUSH face mask review

My face and I have finally started to get along again. After a few months of breakouts and angry redness things are finally starting to simmer down between us. And I owe it all to Lush. 

I went into Lush the other day looking for a few little products to treat myself with, and I happened across this miracle of a face mask! 

It is the Cosmic Warrior fresh face mask. (I blogged about it in my recent haul post). It was $6.95 and worth every single penny.

I've been using for the past couple weeks and may I say it has been a delight! I was nervous at first because I have sensitive skin and face masks often irritate it and we are back to angry square one, but this one was so calming and has reduced my breakouts and redness. 

This one (I believe) is made for "stressed out" faces. In other words not faces that are necessarily oily, but get breakouts either from stress or just hormones. My skin tends to be on the drier side, but this mask doesn't dry it out further either. But I would suggest following up with your choice of moisturizer. 

The main ingredient is garlic followed by grapes, eggs, honey and other little odds and ends. I was hesitant to put something heavy in garlic on my skin (it's only slightly odd), but the scent doesn't stick to your skin and the mask itself doesn't smell strongly of garlic. It just smells fresh!

And here is a little cheeky picture of me whilst face masking. Oh Nikki, you need to get a life. 

I would definitely recommend this product or really anything from Lush. The one special thing about all their face masks is that they are made from fresh ingredients so you know you are getting quality products and no harsh chemicals. How awesome is that?! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about a random girl's skin routine! If you have any skin care reviews please leave links below. I would love to check them out! 


  1. I do love a Lush face mask went to a Lush event last night and now want to try even more of them

    Carrieanne x

    1. Their products are just so awesome! I'm so impressed with their stuff thus far :)

  2. I love Lush face masks! I love the minty face mask and have reviewed it on my skincare routine post :)

    1. Ooo! I will definitely go check out your post :)