Mundane Midweek: My air conditioning broke and I hate packing

Thanks to Charlotte's Web for the idea of doing a midweek post of all the lovely lull days that complete the week. Check out her line up for more blogger mundane(ness).

So here it is, the mundane hump day of little ol' Nikki. 

Today I went to sleep at 5 a.m. after reading half of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, watching a Disney Channel original movie (I'm not proud), cleaning my desk and stalking the Internet. I then of course woke up late and hurried off to work. 

I strolled into work, clocked in and then realized I had gotten gotten a 10 cent raise. Well ho dee hum, I'm making them big bucks aren't I? 

After 7 hours in a dark office, I treated myself to delicious Chinese food for dinner and an hour of HGTV. The kitchen renovations are to die for. 

It was then I noticed how quiet my apartment had gotten. I could hear the smallest ant crawling. "Why is it so quiet?!" I asked myself. I walked around thinking it would pop out at me. I casually walked past the main air vent not expecting a revelation to realize my air conditioning wasn't on! That is why I could hear a crum drop! 

"No big deal," I thought to myself. I went to turn it back on when I realized my horrible fate. The air conditioning...... was BROKEN. dun. Dun. DUN. "Oh no oh no oh no," I thought. The AC is down and this is July in Texas. I might as all toss myself into a pan, because when the morning rolls around I am going to be good as fried. 

But I had to go on. A lack of AC wasn't going to stop me. So I started my engines and ran around my room like a mad woman trying to pack everything for my weekend getaway. Packing for three days is more difficult than you would think. How am I suppose to make the decision between the blue shoes and the black shoes?! They are both so cute! But I did the best I could. 

That was my mundane Wednesday. Yep, yep it was pretty mundane.

Talk to everyo- (dies of heat exhaustion) 


  1. Oooohhh, no A/C???? And in Texas?? I'm in CA, so I know that if there's no A/C you're going to melt away. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

    1. The repair man finally came and fixed it in two minutes!! Funny how that works eh? Sweat for 18 hours while it only takes two minutes to fix hehe

  2. No AC in the middle of the hottest days of the year is a horror story! I'm glad you got it fixed right away! By the way, I LOL-ed after I read about you having a hard time picking from the blue and black shoes. Haha!
    Launce @ Harris Aire Serv

  3. I can't imagine a day without an AC during this season! Glad that it was fixed right away. Anyway, did you ask what was the problem with your AC? I hope that it was fixed properly so that you'll never experience such inconvenience again.

  4. It's hard to make decisions when you're trapped in a hot place, on a hot summer day. Good thing your AC was repaired right away, as in, as fast as two minutes. Amazing! It must have been just a minor problem for the repairman to have fixed it that quickly. Did he mention the cause, or anything about replacing the unit entirely?

    -Jim Corrion @ CandCheat