Mushy Shakespeare quotes and things

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And here I am delivering another dose of quote like/ inspirational/ motivational wordy things. My apologies, the beauty posts and crafty bits will be up soon enough! 

But once again Shakespeare has done it in for me. I don't think I can have a Pinterest surfing time without creeping on Shakespeare edits. I've seen this quote over and over again and ever single time it hits me and energizes me! It's as if someone told me I was an independent woman who don't need no man! I may be little, but I am fierce and you best believe it! It makes me feel like I am at some sort of sneeky rally at which woman proclaim their independence and self worth in a stealthy and rather classy manner. 

Perhaps all of you ladies out there can relate. And perhaps I am just a little bit insane with an unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare quotes. Either way, enjoy. 

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