My bank account hates me: A haul post

Oh my deary me. I should not have gone shopping, I really shouldn't have. And my bank account yelled at me for it. But I did go shopping and I was just too excited about the things I bought to not share. So here we go. 

First things first, I treated myself to a couple of goodies at Lush. I was a bad girl wasn't I? But I have been in dire need of a pamper evening and I have my lovely sidekicks bath bomb and face mask to help me! 

The bath bomb is called Twilight and it radiates the most relaxing scent my nose has ever had the pleasure of smelling. That was $6.25.  Plus it makes my skin nice and soft. The face mask is called Cosmetic Warrior; it helps cleanse skin and get rid of blemishes. That was $6.95 ish. So all in all not too much to pay for a few pamper evenings. 

Next, I popped into Urban Outfitters. If I were to have a Kryptonite it would be Urban because I want all of it, but I can have none of it. But I splurged a little bit any how. I bought these mary jane like shoes. They were two for $20; so really not bad. These have been my favorite shoes for the past few years now. I buy two new pairs every few months and they are just so comfy and cute! The next is a basic tee, but with little kitties on it! I couldn't resist. And that was $18.

I of course had to stop at Forever 21. What shopping trip is complete without Forever 21? I bought the cutest dress! It has a collar and buttons up the front and triangle shapes and black and cream and little bits of blue and- basically everything I love. And that was $18. I then bought this little cute fox phone case for $7.80. But I got home and realized it was a case for the iPhone 5... and I have an iPhone 4. Sigh. Oh well, it will be nice surprise whenever I get a new phone.

That was my shopping haul and I would say a successful one at that! I have put links to everything through the item title so do check them out if you are interested! If anyone else has done shopping hauls put some links down below because I would love to see what everyone else is buying! 


  1. Cute post! I definitely need to go shopping now!

    1. Thank you!

      Right?! It's dangerous looking at haul posts. It makes me want ALL OF THE THINGS!