My (not so strange) addiction

Hi my name is Nikki (hi Nikki). And I have an addiction to coffee. It has been a week since I've had more than one cup of coffee a day.... in the morning.... 

It has been great only spending a small fortune on coffee in the morning instead of giving over an arm and a leg to serve my addiction. But in other terms it has been a hell that Satan himself wouldn't dare to enter. 

One single little itsy bitsy cup hardly takes the edge off the throbbing head pains and convulsing body. I need two or three to operate at a normal pace and four or five to be really productive. 

Because of my cut backs this week has been all but glorious. With the headaches, the irritability, the lack of motivation and production, and serious disability to be able to do everyday things such as type, take a shower and apply liquid eyeliner. These tasks have become great feats with only one cup of coffee in my system doing the work that four normally do.

I am proud to say that all though I have been living in a complete glaze, it has been nice to worry less about how much coffee I am going to drink and more about the extra few minutes I get in my bed. 

Next week I could be back to a full out addict once again, but perhaps we shall see. With strength and courage, I think I can beat this. 


  1. My name is Nikki, and I too am addicted to coffee. I was up to like 5 or 6 cups a day for awhile. I've weened myself down to 2 cups a day for now. But it brings me joy and why should I quit JOY!?!!?!?

    1. Hahaha! I actually laughed out loud at your last line. but, RIGHT?! Why should we quit JOY?!?!? It makes me feel better knowing that coffee helps prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer. DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! :) haha.