The ultimate pamper evening

Alright ladies (gents are welcome too) I know I'm not the only one who likes to wind down a long week with a totally selfish pamper evening. Am I right? So in the spirit of relaxation and pamper evenings every where, I give you my tips for having the best pamper evening ever! 

What you'll need:

<-- Boots expert sensitive gentle refreshing toner

    Lush Cosmic Warrior fresh face mask -->
<-- Lush Twilight bath bomb

      Book: Sisterhood Everlasting -->

<-- The Body Shop Cocoa Butter body butter

      Revlon Colorstay in #170 Coastal Surf-->


1) Get a beverage, preferably an alcoholic one (if you are above the legal drinking age). If not grab an iced tea. Remember, there's no shame in refills. 

2) Take off pants. 

3) Remove makeup

4) Cleanse skin with Boots toner (or product of your choice).

5) Apply face mask. I use one from Lush that I did a review on here

6) Bask in the glory that is a face mask. 

7) Refill drink.

8) Wash face. 

9) Prepare bath with Lush bath bomb or similar bubble making apparatus. 

10) Read a book whilst in the tub. Or watch a TV show on your laptop for the more risky ones out there.

11) Play with bath bubbles.

12) After bath apply body butter or lotion of choice. 

13) Awkwardly stand around waving limbs until lotion soaks in. 

14) Paint nails! (and preferably do a better job than I did). 

15) Revel in how wonderful you feel.

16) Get another drink. 

17) Go to sleep. 

18) Repeat everyday of your life for ultimate luxury and pomp. 

Restrictions apply, results may vary. 

Pamper away, ladies! 

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  1. This sounds like heaven! Love pamper nights!
    Great blog, now following!

    F xx