Rollin' on the River: My weekend in Austin

This weekend I was pooped on by a naughty bird, embarrassed myself in front of a lifeguard... twice, and spilled strawberry daiquiri all over myself. But despite my misfortunes, I had a lovely weekend with the coolest people in the world in the weirdest city in the country; Austin, Texas. 

Even if my weekend getaway was just that, it was nice to get away from the boring day to day routine. It gave me time to not give a care in the world and laugh at anything. 

Those three days were captured in a time lapsed sequence of scenes with cheesy music playing in the background and lots of shots of me throwing my head back and laughing. Don't forget the sunset; there were lots of sunset shots as well. Sneak in a tear or two and some dancing, my weekend was basically a Nicholas Sparks movie.

And who would have ever thought that getting lost and stuck in traffic on the drive home would make for the best opera remix of top 40 songs with your friends?! 

Every moment was worth cherishing because it reminds me of how happy someone can be. And sometimes I think I forget what true happiness and bliss feels like. It feels like laughing and water rides and loud tunes and long drives and friends and jokes and no judgements. 

I tried to capture all these moments, yet sadly failed. But I snuck a few snaps whilst I was there, so enjoy. 

On Friday we went to Gruene in New Braunfels. It was so charming and had that small town feeling. I absolutely loved it. One of the little shops there had the funniest/truest fridge magnets ever. I just had to snap a photo. 

The girls! A kind (and decently bizarre) man offered to take our photo for us while we were shopping around Gruene. It turned out pretty well considering our long drive and hot trek. 

On Saturday we set off early for Schlitterbahn! For those of you extremely confused to another German name I am just throwing out there, Schlitterbahn is a water park in New Braunfels and quite possibly the best water park I've ever been to. One of the rides even filtered out in a river somehow (hence the title).We spent eight hours there waiting in lines and laughing at ourselves during the rides. This is when I was pooped on by that naughty bird and embarrassed myself in front of the life guard. It wasn't my fault I kept getting stuck in the lazy river!!!

Here is a photo of all six of us! We finally got a decent one! They were so much fun to hang out with and good off with. I couldn't imagine spending my weekend with anyone else. (sniff sniff)

And what trip to Austin would be complete without a stop to Buc-ee's? So legendary it is ridiculous.

And here is that cliche sunset shot I was talking about. It is so cheesy and cliche that I almost didn't want to post it, but Austin is such a beautiful city and the sunset just adds to that. I had no choice but to share the beauty!!! 

I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but doesn't it always seem to end up that way? I suppose I would rather experience a moment and remember it rather than bothering with pulling out my camera. But these moments were special and I'm glad some were able to be caught on camera. Such a good weekend and definitely what I needed. 

Back to work. And Austin, I will see you again soon. 

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