Social media: where creepers reign and the opportunities are endless PART 2

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I spoke about my thoughts on social media on Part 1 of this blog, which you can check out here. But I just have SO many feelings on social media and all that jazz, I thought I would just pop in again and have a little chat about it.

I think a lot of people take the power of social media for granted. I also think a lot of people think social media is a right, not a privilege. I definitely find myself slipping into that mindset a lot.

But the truth of the matter is that the Internet and social media sites are a privilege. We are so lucky to be exposed to the opportunities social media affords us.

Because we have been given the awesome privilege of using something so powerful, I think it is our responsibility to use it for good and positive reasons.

But because social media and the Internet provoke the idea of anonymity as a way to express feelings, I think a lot of times people abuse the power of the Internet. Cyber bullying has become so easy and keyboard courage has become a trend. So many people use that as a means by which to send hurtful things to people while still protecting their identity. People are hiding behind a screen saying things that they would never have the courage to say to someone's face. And that breeds negativity. And if there is one thing that grows quicker that positivity, it's negativity; especially on the Internet.

The Internet isn't a place to speak badly of people and bully and be rude. People can post their feelings on things via social media, but there is a way to do it respectively. And picking on people is not that way.

Social media is a gift. It is meant to make life easier and be fun and create opportunities. For those of us that are blessed enough to be able to use it we need to uphold its true intentions. And I hate to see social media as a way to spread negativity and to hurt people, because it is SO much more than that.

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