Throwback Thursday: What was I thinking?

I went on an adventure to the depths of my computer tonight and found some very old and disturbing-looking pics from my high school years. Let's just say I had a right good laugh at myself. 

So for your viewing pleasure (if you care to look) my favorite awkward high school photos:

First things first I thought I was quite smexy at 15 years old. This was my Facebook profile photo for quite a few months... oh how things have changed. 

This was me and my best friend at the time Sarah. I looks a lot more scandalous than it really was. It was quite the innocent dance party at a friends house for her birthday. I did think I was quite the badass though. I had just died a strip of my hair bright pink for the summer. How outrageous of me.

Apparently when I was 15, the cool thing to do was to take pictures in the mall. So this happened. How sultry. 

And to wrap it all up the ultimate picture of my sister and I. What cuties we were. 

So there you go. I've now put this all out on the Internet to see. I'll probably regret this in the morning. Anyone else have embarrassing old photos? 

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