What is success anyway?

I am a worrier. There is no getting around it or changing it. It is built into my DNA. But I think I have the power to control it. My worst worst worry or fear, is that I won't be successful. The thought of not being successful literally sends me into a panic. One day I took a step back and realized something isn't right here. 

I put "success" on such a high pedestal as if I'm not worthy or it's such an outlandish idea. But I don't like the idea of success being something that you just have one day after working your entire life. I don't want to spend my life working toward one moment. That seems rather pointless. 

So I thought to myself what really is success? What defines being successful? And how can I redefine the word for my personal goals?

So I thought and I thought about the word success and what it really means to me...

All I want from life is to write, be happy and make others happy. That's it. I have more specific details as to how I want to do those things, but in the end that is what I want to accomplish with my life.

So what is success?

Success isn’t meeting every single goal you set out for yourself. Success isn’t being famous. Success isn’t making a lot of money. Success is being happy and content with the work you do every day. Happiness, I think, is the greatest success anyone could ever ask for. Because that means that you are living right, if you are genuinely happy. 

Just a little food for thought I suppose. 

What does success mean to everyone else?