A photo shoot for the blogger's soul

My dear friend Jessica and little fashionista (from Dwell in Possibility) embarked on a photo shoot mission with me the other day. She showed up to my apartment looking fabulous in this fancy lace covered skater dress with a collar to give it that professional touch! I opened the door in my cotton jersey skater dress with a tiger to give it that fierce edge. Having a photo shoot was inevitable at this point.  

We went to the charming little downtown square of the town we live in, and found this little patch of grass in a creepy alley in between falling apart buildings. What a little gem!  

What no one knows is that we were sweating like pigs and promptly stuffed our tummies with Chick-Fil-A right after. 

It was a fun day and we were so excited to FINALLY have lovely pictures. It was a nice little confidence boost hehe.  

If you have any snazzy photo shoot posts, link them below! I love to read/look at them 



  1. Awww you both look lovely and I'm very jealous of your hair!

    1. Aww thanks so much :) We had such a fun time taking these haha

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I think it's about the same length as mine it in a lot better condition.
    Please if you have a spare few minutes maybe check out my blog it would mean a lot.
    Lily x

    1. Thank you dear :) I appreciate it. And absolutely I will give you blog a look!