Friday encouragement

image via Pinterest
Just a little motivation for a Friday. I normally do these on Mondays as a little fresh beginning to every week to encourage positive thinking. But sometimes after a long week we all need encouragement. 

I chose this one (from Pinterest of course) because of how the style and design of the image reflect the message. The photo itself is extremely minimalistic and simple, exactly like the thought "let it go." Now, putting the phrase into action on the other hand is slightly more complicated. But think about it, how wonderfully peaceful would life be if we just let the things go that we really shouldn't be bothered to dwell on or worry about. We would be burden free and happy happy happy. 

But our human senses kick into over drive every now and then, and we let things fester and bother us. And more often than not they are things that aren't really worth bothering about. 

So inspiration after a long hard week: think about all of the little annoyances and stupid things that went on this week, shove them all into an imaginary balloon, blow up the balloon, let that balloon go, and enjoy the life you have been given burden and worry free. 

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