It's funny to me how some friendships and groups are built. 

Some people meet in school and have a few classes together. 

Others meet through clubs. 

Some people build groups of friends through work. 

Some meet their best friends on the street. 

Others make friends with the baristas at Starbucks, and chat with the woman behind the checkout at Walmart.

Or sometimes they can be built in the most unconventional manner. Not a single person lives in the same city, and people get to know each other through 10 second photos and games of online apples to apples at 1 in the morning. They each laugh separately from different rooms in different homes in different cities. Miles and miles of highway separate some of them. But that's okay. It doesn't matter where the other people are, they know that they are not alone in their laughter. Sometimes their futures point in opposite ends of the spectrum, but it doesn't bother them. They see their career changing and developing, but their friends will always be there to send a quick text or play a group app. 

The future has so many variables, but friends are not one of those. And even though the foundation may not have come from growing up in preschool together, there is a certain security they seem to develop. For some bewildering reason some people are just meant to be friends. It doesn't always matter how they get there. It matters that they get there. Relationships like that transcend time and change. 

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