Going to battle (figuratively of course)

I've never been good at picking and choosing my battles. I suppose that skill comes with the wisdom of the ages. Those ages which I apparently lack at the moment. 

I've always been one to go into full force battle mode at even the thought of something going against my "everything will be perfect and dandy and everyone loves me" mentality. 

I would be shocked when I was given blunt truth, and I would automatically blame it on this unfair world and how every force in the universe was working against me. But because of my willingness to fight and fight hard,  I would jump into foolish situations, and become hot headed quite quickly. But at least I stood up for the world I wanted. 

But now as the world reveals its nature to me, I've realized that, sure the world isn't fair. That isn't its downfall, though. That is just a simple fact. 

I am short. 
I have red hair. 
The earth is round. 
The world is unfair. 

There isn't a difference, it's all congruent. And perhaps I gained a little bit of wisdom with that revelation. But with that revelation comes a pitiful loss; instead of being willing to fight for what I truly want, I am willing to surrender. And probably much too quickly. And now I bow to the world that everyone else has created. 

So where is the balance between overly zealous soldier and retired old general? Where is the wisdom that allows me to surrender to battles I know I absolutely cannot win? And where is the wisdom that allows me to risk it all to fight for what I think my world could be? 

How do you make that ultimate decision to go to battle? 


  1. I'm the same (bar the red hair!. Sometimes it's better to be a little hot-headed and stand up for yourself, rather than get angry behind someone's back!


    1. Very true, you're right! I think in the end it matters that you were yourself. Because I think that is integral part of being your happiest is just being who you are