This may seem a bit out of blue and perhaps a bizarre thing to blog about, but I just need to get it out there. I LOVE LISTS. In fact I love lists so much, that I cannot go a day without making at least four to five different lists. 

My purse is forever weighed down with all of my notebooks, and post-it-notes are my best friend. Often I make a list on a sticky note and stick it into my notebook, where I promptly write another list surrounding the previous list. I have five lists sitting in front of me right now.

There is a beauty behind lists. I would say it's hard to forget to do anything when it's plastered your desk, your key board, you bathroom mirror and in your car. Lists also encourage organization as well as time management skills. Time management in that you have to prioritize which list to create first.

Perhaps it makes me feel in control. Perhaps I am secretly anal inside my head. Perhaps I can only absorb information in the form of cute bulleted ramblings. You psychologists out there need to get to work on the inner workings of my brain. But as much as I love my lists, I do believe I've killed a few trees thus far because of my addiction. 

Should I remedy this? Perhaps, but what happens if the list creating stops. The world might come to an end, the laundry would build up and no doubt I would never have fresh coffee. 

Why is it that lists are such an integral part of my daily life? 

Does any else suffer from this addiction? Perhaps we can band together and make a list as to how to kill our list addiction! 


  1. Oh, I have could totally tell you all the psychological meanings behind this! haha. and you need all of these.

  2. well, I know I SHOULD make lists. I'm ALWAYS forgetting pretty much everything!! ahahaha