Motivational Monday

Are you ready to be motivated?

I sort of fail at blogging at normal hours of the day. But between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. my mind is a flourish with all sorts of crazy thoughts. While 99% of them never end up anywhere on the Internet, that 1% turns out to be a pretty dang good post (at least they are to me).

These past few weeks have been a sort of hell in a hand basket. Combining problems in work with problems in personal life with problems with money, stress levels are through the roof.

But with the help of a DVD set of the Gilmore Girls, and a little hope from one of my favorite bloggers/YouTubers, I think things will be alright.

If you read my blog on any kind of regular basis, you will be quite privy as to how much I love Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter. Her writing style is not only unique, but the things she writes/talks about always strike a chord with me.

Recently Louise posted a video called 'Having Hope' where she talked about how things really do get better. Even though certain periods of hellish times seem never ending, new chapters of our lives end and begin all the time. We have to recognize that and not be premature in giving up hope, but realizing the future is bright. And personally I think we each have the choice of where we want to go from where we are. We don't have to let the past or silly little thoughts in our heads hold us back.

Louise spoke about it perfectly and it really gave me a whole new perspective on how I can deal with rough periods of my life. Here is the video if you are interested. If you do or have ever struggled with the concept of "things WILL get better" (everyone raises hand) it will honestly be 100% worth your time to watch it!

That is it for motivation at the moment. Here's to hoping good attitudes transition through the rest of this week! 



  1. The first three sentences of this post are literally my life summed up. Cute post as well babes xxxx


    1. Haha right? I always try to write at normal times, but it never ends up happening hehe. Thanks dear!


  2. you blog is beautiful :D please check out my blog & follow if you like :D

  3. I always seem to get inspiration past midnight too!