Prior planning prevents poor performance.

The semester is about to spring into full force, and my already busy schedule is going to turn into all nighters and caffeine overdoses. But that is okay, because it means I am getting things done and being productive.

But for someone who’s pastime is to be creative, losing inspiration is a harsh side effect of keeping busy. Feeling uninspired and burnt out, is by far the worst feeling for me. Not only is it frustrating, but it seems like nothing can fix the problem. And when I’m uninspired when it comes to writing and my personal life, my professional and school life are effected as well. So dominoes hit dominoes and my life is a great giant mess of feeling empty and dull.

Prior planning prevents poor performance, right? So I am going to put myself into the creative mindset before the semester even begins with my five goals to staying inspired. This may seem like a bizarre list, and may sound as if I am a batty young lady talking to herself. It's all true. But at least it works. 
(If you read my last post, you also know that I like lists. So… here is a list.) 

1. Don't doubt yourself. Believing in your talents is the best way to stay on track with developing them. For me believing in my writing abilities makes me want to write more, henceforth keeping me inspired. When I doubt myself I stop writing, because I talk myself into thinking writing is stupid. But without it, I'm quite sad.

2. Make you time. Take a break from EVERYTHING. Put down the phone, computer, TV, all of it. Sit out under some trees (as cheesy as that sounds). Fresh air and solitude do wonders for the mind. 

3. IHOP (or your choice of breakfast food establishment). Treat yourself to a huge delicious breakfasty heaven. Nothing is more inspiring than the hand crafted faces on top of pancakes made out of bananas, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. A master piece. 

4. Personalize your workspace. I don't know about everyone else, but for me my desk and work area is the most important part of my apartment. Since it's where I normally sit down to write and be productive I spent a lot of time putting cute little touches here and there to make a creative safe haven, if you will. 

5. Coffee. Never underestimate the power of a good cup of jo. Whether it be coffee, tea, hot chocolate or what have you; hot beverages have magical powers. I am sure of it! 

So as weird as it may sound those little bits and bobs are what keep me inspired and keep me being productive even when I feel like my mind is fried and my passion has all but run out. Lately I've been feeling extremely burnt out and uninspired, so I thought this post was long over due.

But I also want to hear what everyone else has to say about staying inspired. SO, comment below with your tips and tricks or make your own "staying inspired" list and link it below! I want to see what everyone else has to say! 

Talk soon xo

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