Revelations and nights like these

It's nights like these that remind me the world is full of hope. It's nights like these that remind me how blessed I am. And it's nights like these that remind me I'm doing something right. 

Most nights are inexplicable because they follow the same pattern of every other night and there is nothing new to report. But every now and then one night inadvertently sparks an idea that molds into a revelation of all sorts. These revelations lead to lengthy and wordy conversations between a girl and her best chum during which they solve all of the worlds problem while still managing to find time to talk about boys. 

And even though these nights to play into the typical out on the town evening of a 20-year-old, they are special in that they spur comments and comments turn to sentences and sentences turn to conversations and conversations turn into revelations and revelations translate into knowing something a little bit more about yourself and a little bit more about the world you live in. They leave the talkers with a sense of possibility at the world in front of them and with a little bit more knowledge to help them on their journey. 

It all seems so vague and maybe rather silly, but sometimes a night of girl talk can do wonders for the soul. And the comfort of a best friends can make a world of a difference. And after nights like these it seems that all of the problems the size of storms and shrunk to the size of raindrops. And the rain has to stop altogether at some point, right?

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