Road trip necessities

I have by now accepted the inevitable sleepless night ahead of me. Perhaps, I will catch a few zzs after reluctantly giving into droopy eyebrows, but not before my tummy is alight with butterflies at the anticipation of tomorrow. It's as if I was a little kid again. 

I may not believe in Santa Clause for the Tooth Fairy, and I may have outgrown matchbox cars and American Girl dolls; but going on a trip will bring me back to the innocent excitement I always felt as a kid. 

I'm taking the 10-hour car ride from Dallas to great ol' St. Louis, aka my motherland. I am beyond excited to be returning after all these years. It will be lovely to reminisce, and experience all the things now, I did when I was a kid. 

But to get me through the never ending car ride with my family, I packed the essentials! 

My road trip essentials: 

Snackies- cookies, gold fish and tea. I am obviously not concerned about my health.
Sunnies- a girl's gotta protect her eyes. 
Movies galore- I am bringing Perks of a Wallflower to entertain me for part of the time. What a beautiful film. Prepare the tissues!!
Just the casual notebook- you know, for my random bits of babble I feel are so important to document!! 
Book- what road trip isn't complete without a good book. This one is called "This is what Happy looks like." I'm massively excited to delve into this book! Jennifer E. Smith has definitely become one of my favorite authors. 
Headphones- This is the ultimate and most important object to have the classic road trip. No headphones? Find the closest gas station and buy a pair!! If of course you have a music playing device. Album of choice for this trip? I'm going to have to keep it classic and bust out my Ed Sheeran. 

I am so ecstatic to be going back home, even if it is just for a few days. But whilst I'm away I want to concentrate on being there and spending time with my family. So there won't be blog posts until I'm back. But you can rest assured I am bringing my camera and will document the whole weekend to share with Internet world on Monday. 

Now time for rest before I depart in the morning. Happy road tripping to anyone else going on an adventure this summer! 


  1. Oh I love a good road trip, but if you forget headphones oh no haha.

    Btw just letting you know I have nominated you for The Liebster Award.

    Check out this post to find out more about it :)

    Jen x