This is me not blogging

What happens when you have sworn to yourself and the bloggerverse that you will blog every day of the summer, yet have nothing to blog about?

You spend an awfully long time procrastinating opening a blank word doc just to stare at it for 15 minutes with not one single spark of inspiration.

At those moments I feel like a complete and utter inspirationless dummy who can’t for the life of her conjure up a lick of something decent. But I suppose that happens, even to the best of us. Every now and then our minds are so burnt out from the days we’ve lived that the idea of putting together sensible words is just so far off into space; a land where no man has ever gone before.

But I suppose that’s all right. Some days are meant for creating. Some days are meant for creating and living. And others are meant for just living. We capture moments in our heads and speak out loud, and perhaps record them on our blogs at a later date. But brains are fickle thing really, they need their rest just like the rest of the body. And when the brain doesn’t get the rest it needs it shuts down and says, “Hey you don’t need to write a blog today. Go cuddle with your dog and go to bed and dream about Harry Styles serenading you.”

So I am going to listen to my brain and catch some Zzzzs. So this is me not blogging.

Here’s to hoping the following days are filled with inspiration and excitement so perhaps we can all enjoy.

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  1. I may or may not have dreamt that we met one direction and upon meeting them you sat down in liams lap and he was like "alrighty then!".....It was a very vivid dream.