Hating Mondays

Monday’s are really just plain terrible.

“I absolutely love Mondays!” Said no one ever.

On Mondays everyone is tired and disappointed that the weekend had to end. They no longer have a break from the inevitable, yet disheartening responsibilities that come from weekdays. And all the relaxation and carefree laughter that came from the weekend is replaced with fluorescent office lights and monotonous keyboard clicks.

Mondays are when everything starts over, and a whole new list of homework assignments are handed out. The planner goes from having a few things penciled in to being covered in angry pen strokes and post-it reminders.

Mondays are when you start thinking about Friday.

Mondays are when you cram to finish everything you forgot to do Friday.

Mondays are when everyone gets cranky and forgets about all of the magical moments they had just mere hours before the clock hit that 12-o’clock death wish.

It’s almost taboo to be excited for a Monday.

The world is in shambles and wars are breaking out. People are starving. Children are dying. No one can agree on a single decision or piece of legislation, but there is one thing you can put stock in… they all hate Mondays.  

So come one come all, let us all unite in the mutual hatred of an inanimate idea signifying  the changing of time with an influx of terrible moments called Monday. 

Cheers, Monday. May you burn forever. 

Then Tuesday roles around. Wars are still being fought and children are still hungry, but no one can agree on hating Monday anymore, because now everyone has a pinch of hope that Tuesday is the day! 

Image source: http://www.honestagency.com/2013/06/mondaze/


  1. Yep definitely hate Mondays, hate tuesdays too......

    1. Samezies. Wednesdays and Thursdays are pretty bad too haha.