Motivational Monday

"I'm a little more than
U s e l e s s
When I think that
I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
D o  s o m e t h I n g  r I g h t

For once"

Oh boy do I feel motivated today. Often in times of struggle or stressful situations like work, school, bills, car problems it is next to impossible to see anything good happening; anything good at all. We get so wrapped up in the superficial problems we find ourselves facing that we don't take a step back to see how we are spending our time. I for one am guilty of this. 

I have always had the idea in my head that I want to do more than just have a job and a family. While those are all good and dandy I have always wanted to do something to affect change for the betterment of people. Part of going about that for me is going to school. And more often than not I find myself just hoping to get through a single day that I forget what my whole mission is for learning and perfecting my craft. 

But recently God has showed me that I'm more than just a girl who can get good grades and work hard. I'm more than just a student and an employee. I am indeed a person that can affect change. I'm not useless.

For everyone else out there who sometimes feels useless or that they are just going through the motions without their plans coming to fruition, do not give up. We each have a plan and a purpose. So take this Monday by force and make it yours! Turn some smiles upside down, and make it the best a Monday can be.  

*Quote from 'More Than Useless' by Relient K

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