Motivational Monday

My motivation for today! Disappoint everyone, but don’t disappoint yourself. I’m notorious for trying to prove skills and abilities to people. I get worked up over people thinking I’m not very intelligent or not believing I can accomplish something.

I put way too much stock into what other people think, and I end up getting upset if some fart nugget thinks my talents and abilities are not up to par. So this week I want to make myself proud, and not worry about what insignificant people think about me. I’m not here to please them, so why even worry. 

And by worrying about what other people think all the time I am in a way disappointing myself. No longer! 

Happy Monday everyone and as cheesy as it may sound, stay true to yourself! 


  1. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC (39), would you mind to follow back?

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    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely check out your blog :)

  2. Hey Nikki,
    I think this is SO important! Being true to yourself is something that I think a lot of people struggle with, because they want to fit in with other people, or as you say, don't have self-confidence. Glad you've flagged this up :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts on my recent post as well!
    Been really enjoying following your blog
    Love Beeta xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Beeta, you are so sweet :) But yes this has really been encouraging for me lately.
      And i've been enjoying your blog as well! You have such sweet posts!