Guess who's back?

I've taken a little bit of a blogging hiatus the past few weeks. I started and stopped so many blog posts because I was never happy with any of them. Just like I probably won't be happy with this one, but I'm writing it anyhow.

I think sometimes people need to take a break from something. They need to get perspective. Doing the same thing every single day, isn't healthy for most people; for anyone really. It's important to break the mold of day-to-day activities so as to avoid complacency, and to be reminded that there is a world outside of the computer screen.

Appreciation is also a necessary part in being happy in life, and often routines make us forget about the little things that we are truly blessed with.

Henceforth my little blogging break. That and school is kicking my butt and required extra attention. Apparently it isn't ideal to wait until the night before to write a research paper.

Regardless, my writing hasn't stopped though, in fact it's been flourishing. None of it has been deemed blog worthy quite yet though. So, until then here I am to babble on about all the bits and bobs that take place in the life of a 20-year-old college student. Trust me, none of it's too exciting.

But I may be sharing my Halloween costumes here soon enough. And yes I said costume(s). Plural.


  1. Yea! Welcome back! I completely understand the need for a break. I'm currently wishing for one, SO badly!
    Hope to see those costumes from you!! Happy (almost) Halloween :D

    1. Thank you so much for the comment :) And yes, sometimes people just need to take a little break, a little breather :)