The best autumn tunes

Autumn is the best time of year in my book! And what is a good autumn day kicking around leaves and sniffing in the cooling air without some good jams to set the perfect mood? As the giant music freak I am, here are my picks for the best fall tunes. 

The 1975- With a mix between alternative and pop this British band brings a unique sound. Their self- titled debut album is perfect for the fall months.  

Ed Sheeran- It is so surprise our favorite ginger is on this list. His acoustic tunes create a perfect ambiance for cuddling up and sipping hot cocoa. 

The Wonder Years- I just started listening to these guys, but they totally rock. They are a mix between alternative and punk with a little bit of screamo. Their newest album The Greatest Generation is super unique with a mix between upbeat and chill songs. 

Sleeping with Sirens- SWS is by far my favorite band right now. Normally they go pretty hard, but their acoustic album called If You Were a Movie, This Would be Your Soundtrack sounds so unique and relates to those folks not necessarily into their screamo albums. 

I highly recommend all of these albums and bands, so check them out if you are looking for some new tunes. I've been obsessed with all of these albums so far this fall. 

What's everyone else's favorite fall tunes? 

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