Happy Halloween

This post is coming just a little bit late, so Happy Belated Halloween everyone! 

When I was a kid I never imagined the day I wouldn't be able to treck around the neighborhood stealing everyone's candy. But alas, that day has come. Granted, I haven't been trick or treating since my first year of high school, and now as a junior in college I should be over it. But there is nothing like the thrill of filling a pillowcase full of free candy. And now I actually have to pay for my candy. People should not have to pay for candy. It just seems wrong.

Regardless of my growing depression about wasting precious cash on precious candies, I decided to have some Halloween fun this year with costumes out the wazzoo. Well, I had two costumes. I can't get too crazy.

The inspiration for this first one came from my disgustingly fake red hair and the unrealistic dream of becoming a Disney princess. That's right, I was Ariel. I also tricked this gracious dude into being my Prince Eric. And of course, what costume is fun without a little hipster twist. It was a successful first weekend of Halloween parties! Not to mention the outfit was CHEAP. (This means I just have extra cash to spend on candies.)

Hipster Ariel

Dress: $6 from Goodwill
Scarf: Closet
Socks: $7 from Target
Glasses: $5 from Sam Moon.
Starfish: $2 from Joann's.

And of course I couldn't wear the same costume for the second weekend of Halloween parties! So I pulled a few strings and spent a couple of bucks to make an all new statement!

Badass Skeleton

This costume was the brain child of a mixture of inspirations that happened to turn into a badass skeleton costume. So I bought a dress and with a little paint and makeup I give you the skeleton.

Dress: $12 from Joann's
Paint for the dress: $2 from Joann's
Leggings: $5 from Plato's Closet

And here are a couple of snap shots on how the costume turned out in person. I absolutely loved the way this turned out. I was nervous about painting it myself because if we're honest, I'm no artist. But I'm really glad I did it myself

And here are a few snaps of my friends and I in costume hitting up those parties in the big ATX. It was such a great Halloween and now I have a wide variety of costumes to choose from for next year. 

If you have a Halloween post, link it down below! I would love to see how creative everyone else got with their costumes! 


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