Finally contentment

It isn't very often that I feel a sense of contentment just generally in my life. I do have a naturally positive outlook on life, and at the end of the day when someone asks if I am happy with where I'm at I can honestly say yeah. I'm happy.

Although they coincide in some aspect, I think that happy and content are very different things. Happy is great and wonderful, but a little bit more fleeting and a little bit more controlled with tactile things, and not so much matters of the heart and soul.

Being content in life digs a little bit deeper into the root of who we are as people and what we want out of life. And when we see our dreams and wants and goals far off and distant to the point where they feel almost unattainable, we lose that honest sense of contentment for our lives right now, today. We say we will be okay and be happy and be content when we've reached all of these goals 30 years from now. But we often refuse to work for contentment right now.

For some people it comes easy. They are happy and content with their lot in life and don't have to do much to maintain that. Others have to put in the work to find that sense of contentment with the present. Finding it and then accepting it. And for once in a very long time, I am finding that sense of contentment. Slowly but surely it's coming. And even though so many aspects of what I dream my life to be like are out of the picture or up in the air, I have enough that are concrete. And those few give me the peace to love my lot in life for what it is.

And I owe it to my darn determination and the wonderful people in my life that constantly fight for me and encourage me. Without them, who knows where I would be.

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