My List of 10

I was procrastinating homework and reading online from one of my new favorite magazines, Darling Magazine. One of their writers wrote a piece about remembering the little things in life when everything else seemed to go bezerk. She made a list of her ten favorite things at the moment to keep herself positive. Because my life is the living definition of bezerk, I thought it would be a great idea for me to write one as well. If nothing else it will remind me of all of the little things that make me grin on a daily basis.

My list of my ten favorite things right now:
  1. Just a good ol' cup of coffee. 
  2. Falling asleep. 
  3. Driving around with the windows rolled down on a sunny Texas day. 
  4. Watching a TV show while doing nothing else and just letting myself relax for a moment.
  5. Drinking beer and playing video games. 
  6. Writing in my journal. 
  7. Demolishing a bowl of queso!
  8. Petting my kitty cat.  
  9. Spending time with my boyfriend I hardly get to see. 
  10. Planning vacations I've always dreamed of taking. 
This was a surprisingly therapeutic list to write. It got me thinking about my day and all of the things I love. If you are struggling with staying positive, I would highly suggest making your own list! Sometimes we forget about all of the little things that truly do bring us joy amongst our busy and often stressful lives. 

If you write your own list, link it below! I would love to read it.

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