The weather is finally warming up and the days of rain and ice storms seem to be passing (thank goodness). I do love a good rain, but I'm slowly realizing, after years of craving continuous downpours, that I really do love me some sunshine and warm weather.

In honor of the sun and the perfect temperature, I wanted to take a little adventure outside this weekend to take a break from my never ending desk life, and my awesome boyfriend agreed to accompany me. Look at us being a couple of outdoorsy people.

So, we took a little drive to this walking trail tucked in the middle of suburbia. And what better place to mess around with my new point and shoot than outdoors during sunset? It was the perfect Saturday.

Here's to hoping for more outdoor adventures this spring. Nothing beats getting away from computers and homework for a while and spending time with the important people in life all while enjoying nature. Though North Texas isn't exactly the mountains of Colorado or the lush forests or Washington, it still has some redeeming qualities that leave me feeling refreshed and cheery. 

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